Six Demos Times Five Minutes Plus Three Special Guests

By my math, we’re hours away from Demolicious at the Empirical Theater at OMSI. That’s 1945 SE Water Ave, where the doors will open at 6:00 (demos start at 7:00).

This time there are six great projects demoing:

  • CardSmith, a web-based productivity tool
  • Piggybank, two dads reimagining allowance
  • Shaxpir, a writing tool for novelists
  • Stenosaurus, an open source stenography tool
  • Village, a daily video chat app
  • WhereIGo, a local app with friend-based recommendations

Thank You Sponsors

Sponsors help cover the event space, some refreshments, and everything else that makes Demolicious a real event.

May 2015 Sponsors

Please join me in offering a big thanks to PortlandSeedFund, SoftLayer, and OMSI.

Panel of Former Winners

Last Three Demolicious Winners

For the first time, every panelist knows exactly what the presenters are going through. All three of them have presented at a recent Demolicious, and been selected by the crowd carry the responsibility of the Demolicious Cup.

Expect great questions (and empathy) from William Henderson (Knock), Mara Zepeda (Switchboard), and Cat Nikolovski (Hack Oregon).

Ways to be Involved

There will be another Demolicious later this year, so if you…

  1. Want to present? Apply now
  2. Want to sponsor? Let me know
  3. Want to attend? You’re awesome. Join the Meetup group.

Come see the best of Portland web and mobile tech. Come see who will take home the Demolicious Cup. Come see a really big screen.

Other ideas? Let me know

Tasty Demos Coming May 20

Demolicious returns to the Empirical Theater at OMSI on May 20.

Ways to be involved:

  1. Want to present? Apply now
  2. Want to sponsor? Let me know
  3. Want to attend? You’re awesome. RSVP here.

Come see the best of Portland web and mobile tech. Come see who will take home the Demolicious Cup. Come see a really big screen.

Other ideas? Let me know

The First Demolicious of 2015

Come see the best of Portland web and mobile tech. Demolicious is back for 2015!

There are two changes that are especially exciting about this event:

  1. We’ll be at OMSI’s Empirical Theater, where presenters will demo on a screen four stories tall
  2. Demolicious is part of Portland Startup Week

As usual, there’s a great lineup of creative Portlanders and respected panelists.

Thank You Sponsors

Sponsors help cover the event space, the refreshments, and everything else that makes Demolicious a real event.

Demolicious Sponsors

Please join me in offering a big thanks to OMSI, Oregon Growth Board, PortlandSeedFund, and SoftLayer.

Demolicious Lineup

Time and again I’ve asked why people attend Demolicious and they always say they want to meet with people and see what others are working on.

Here’s the great lineup for the first Demolicious of 2015:

  • ExpertMOOC, maker of an adult learning platform
  • HackOregon, non-profit civic data project
  • pdxhuddle, PDX tech discussion community
  • Spriteville, animated GIF generator application

Psst… you can apply to present at the next one.


Andy Baio Carri Bugbee Jim Huston

The three panelists will pepper the presenters with questions and feedback. Here’s the group this time:

It’s like American Idol. Who will say be the first to call a demo “a little pitchy?”

Find out on February 3, 2015, at the Empirical Theater at OMSI.

What Portland Tech Drinks

drink-tabEvery Demolicious the first people in the door get tickets for complimentary drinks, thanks to generous sponsors and boosters.

The Mission Theater keeps track of it like a tab and I pay at the end, as if I took 120 of my best friends out for a round. I was curious what Portland Tech likes to drink, so I saved the receipt this time.

What do you think Portland Tech drinks? I should point out that the tickets can’t purchase hard alcohol–I need to pay that bill at the end of the night, after all. The drinks averaged $5.34 each (before tip).

Beer wins what Portland Tech Drinks

No surprise that beer took up the majority of the drink tickets. Actually, I thought that it would be higher. I knew there were those that preferred wine, but didn’t expect cider to have such a showing.

Beer styles: IPA rules

The bulk of the beer purchases were entered as “generic ale” by the extremely busy and hard-working bar tenders at the Mission. Of those that were categorized, IPA clearly leads the way. And yes, one person did order a PBR. Feel free to out yourself in the comments.

White wine vs red wine

On the wine side of things, it was very evenly split between red and white. If you had a pinot noir or Black Rabbit Red, you may have been the one who pushed things into the red.

A free drink or two could be yours next Demolicious. Sign up for the Meetup group to find out when the next event will take place.

Switchboard Brings PIE Its First Demolicious Winner

Previous Demolicious presenters have gone on to raise money from accelerators and other investors in Portland. On Tuesday, a company that already graduated from PIE was selected as the winner of the Demolicious Cup. Community classifieds platform Switchboard narrowly beat out the other great presenters in the audience vote.

Mara Zepeda, Switchboard

Mara Zepeda gave Switchboard’s demo. One of the most impressive aspects was during panelist and audience questions. Zepeda was often able to tie a query back to her product’s features. The demo also served as the official launch of the Portland Startups Switchboard, a site to ask and offer help in the tech community.

Demolicious in the News

There are a couple other great recaps of the event. Malia Spencer, who served as a panelist, wrote a history and overview for the Portland Business Journal. Rick Turoczy broke the news that only Reed College alumni have won the Demolicious Cup.

What Happens Next

From talking to attendees, there’s an insatiable appetite for more sharing of interesting projects in Portland. So, what are you going to do about it?

  • Present at the next Demolicious. You don’t need to have raised money or received major traction to get on the stage. If you’re doing something creative with technology, you absolutely must share it. Demolicious is the place.
  • Attend Portland Startup Weekend. This is the place to meet your people, the sort who are starting new things and sharing their progress. It’s an intense 54 hours, but you’ll make friends and create something new.
  • Apply to PIE. If you have something started and are ready to learn, grow, and quickly conquer obstacles, put in your application before the end of the month.

I’m especially grateful to the sponsors and boosters who make this a free event. Please give your thanks to these companies for their contributions to our community:

  • Oregon Angel Fund, investing $7M this year in promising companies
  • PIE, mentioned plenty above
  • Portland Seed Fund, a non-resident accelerator that helps companies grow
  • Puppet Labs, who is hiring and moving into another new office
  • SendGrid (my employer), who simplifies email delivery

There will be another Demolicious in a few months. I want it to be representative of the amazing things happening in Portland. Let me know how we can accomplish that together: who should present, how should it be improved, who should be involved?

Demolicious Lineup and Other Things You Should Know

Tomorrow is the first Demolicious of 2014. Judging from the registrations, it’s also the first Demolicious for many of you.

My best advice: arrive early, stay late.

If the best part of Demolicious is the demos, a very close second is your fellow attendees. Take advantage of the time to network, meet presenters and other attendees.

Join us April 8 at the Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan. Doors open at 5:00, demos start at 6:00.

Demolicious Lineup

Who will be demoing? As usual, there’s a great lineup of creative Portlanders.

  • DADO, an Internet of Things platform
  • Switchboard, community-building classifieds
  • Stand In, easy prototyping for mobile designers
  • Chroma Signal, the “WordPress of TV apps”

Plus, there’s a 60 second elevator pitch between each of the main demos.


Malia Spencer Michelle Rowley Scott Sandler

As always, three panelists will pepper the presenters with questions and feedback:

It’s like American Idol. Who will say be the first to call a demo “a little pitchy?”

Thank You Sponsors

All five April 2014 sponsors

Sponsors help make Demolicious a real event. This is the third time in a row at the Mission Theater. They’re great hosts, but they aren’t free.

Returning sponsors PIE and Portland Seed Fund are joined by Oregon Angel Fund, SendGrid and Puppet Labs. Best of all, the sponsors will be in attendance. Please join me in thanking them at the event.

It’s 24 hours before the doors open on another Demolicious. See you all at 5:00 tomorrow.

Demolicious Returns April 8

Demolicious CupThe first event of 2014 will be April 8 at the Mission Theater. Some more great Portland projects will take five minutes to show what they’ve been creating. At the end of the night the previous winner will hand over the Demolicious Cup, a perpetual trophy covered in stickers of Portland companies.

Registration is already open and filling up fast–add yourself to the list for Demolicious Portland. The event is free, though a donation is recommended to keep it that way (and “boosters” receive some extra perks).

Demolicious sponsors, April 2014Generous and supportive sponsors cover most of the cost to make Demolicious happen. I’d like to give a special shout out to PIE, Oregon Angel Fund and SendGrid, who signed up early. They each have their unique impact on Portland’s web and mobile tech communities.

There is additional, limited sponsorship available. If you’d like to get your company in front of some of Portland’s most creative technologists, please be in touch.

Other Ways to be Involved

  • As important as sponsorship is, the event would be nothing without presenters on stage. If you know someone creating something worth sharing, have them apply to present.
  • If you want to volunteer or have other ideas, then I’d love to hear how you might make Demolicious awesome.

I’m looking forward to seeing everybody at the Mission Theater on April 8!

‘Knock’ Password App Wins Demolicious

William Henderson and the Demolicious CupThere were four excellent demos at the second Demolicious of 2013. In a close vote, Knock earned possession of the Demolicious Cup. The app allows iPhone and Mac users to knock on their phones to unlock their computers. Founder William Henderson is the only Demolicious presenter to ever check for wireless interference with the microphones beforehand, a precaution against the dreaded demo fail. Of course, that was not an issue for Henderson or anyone else at this event.

The complete list of demos:

Between each demo was a one minute elevator pitch:

I’m looking forward to seeing these organizations return for a full demo of what they’re building.

In addition to the brave, energetic presenters, the Demolicious Panel brought great questions and feedback to the event. My thanks to Jason Grigsby, Kirsten Golden and Mason Walker for their excellent contributions.

There will be one more Demolicious before the year is out. Do you know someone who should present? Apply for Demolicious.

Demolicious Portland September 4 at Mission Theater

Zach Babb, Demolicious CupMission TheaterDemolicious audience

The Demolicious Cup will be up for grabs again on September 4. Let’s celebrate Portland startups and shine a spotlight on what’s happening in web and mobile tech.

Last time the audience voted for GlobeSherpa, which has displayed the sticker-covered trophy for the last several months. Zach from GlobeSherpa will return to make the hand-off to this event’s winner.

There are two main ways to take part in Demolicious:

  1. Attend the event September 4
  2. Apply to present a demo

Why not do both!? I couldn’t be more excited about this time in Portland’s tech community. With the second annual TechFest NW coming the weekend after Demolicious, this is a great way to gear up.

Looking forward to seeing you at Demolicious on September 4. Remember to register to attend.

GlobeSherpa Takes First Demolicious Cup

Demolicious CupThe April event packed the Mission Theater with an audience hungry for Portland startups. The agenda included five demos, four elevator pitches and two tickets for each presenter to imbibe some liquid courage.

After all the chips were counted, public transportation mobile app GlobeSherpa was declared the crowd favorite. Until the next Demolicious, the company can proudly display Demolicious Cup, the trophy pictured here. Hopefully by that time it has a few more stickers on it honoring all Portland startups.

Demolicious audience

There was stiff competition from the other four demos. Here’s the evening’s lineup:

  1. VidSwap, a sport video analyzation service built entirely in a web browser.
  2. GlobeSherpa, the aforementioned company recently honored by TiE.
  3. Couchbase, showing an upcoming mobile sync feature.
  4. spaceview, a mobile app to visualize interiors with augmented reality.
  5. WikiSway, a platform for analyzing connections between people and companies.

For a deeper look at GlobeSherpa, check out their demo video, embedded below.