GlobeSherpa Takes First Demolicious Cup

Demolicious CupThe April event packed the Mission Theater with an audience hungry for Portland startups. The agenda included five demos, four elevator pitches and two tickets for each presenter to imbibe some liquid courage.

After all the chips were counted, public transportation mobile app GlobeSherpa was declared the crowd favorite. Until the next Demolicious, the company can proudly display Demolicious Cup, the trophy pictured here. Hopefully by that time it has a few more stickers on it honoring all Portland startups.

Demolicious audience

There was stiff competition from the other four demos. Here’s the evening’s lineup:

  1. VidSwap, a sport video analyzation service built entirely in a web browser.
  2. GlobeSherpa, the aforementioned company recently honored by TiE.
  3. Couchbase, showing an upcoming mobile sync feature.
  4. spaceview, a mobile app to visualize interiors with augmented reality.
  5. WikiSway, a platform for analyzing connections between people and companies.

For a deeper look at GlobeSherpa, check out their demo video, embedded below.

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