Switchboard Brings PIE Its First Demolicious Winner

Previous Demolicious presenters have gone on to raise money from accelerators and other investors in Portland. On Tuesday, a company that already graduated from PIE was selected as the winner of the Demolicious Cup. Community classifieds platform Switchboard narrowly beat out the other great presenters in the audience vote.

Mara Zepeda, Switchboard

Mara Zepeda gave Switchboard’s demo. One of the most impressive aspects was during panelist and audience questions. Zepeda was often able to tie a query back to her product’s features. The demo also served as the official launch of the Portland Startups Switchboard, a site to ask and offer help in the tech community.

Demolicious in the News

There are a couple other great recaps of the event. Malia Spencer, who served as a panelist, wrote a history and overview for the Portland Business Journal. Rick Turoczy broke the news that only Reed College alumni have won the Demolicious Cup.

What Happens Next

From talking to attendees, there’s an insatiable appetite for more sharing of interesting projects in Portland. So, what are you going to do about it?

  • Present at the next Demolicious. You don’t need to have raised money or received major traction to get on the stage. If you’re doing something creative with technology, you absolutely must share it. Demolicious is the place.
  • Attend Portland Startup Weekend. This is the place to meet your people, the sort who are starting new things and sharing their progress. It’s an intense 54 hours, but you’ll make friends and create something new.
  • Apply to PIE. If you have something started and are ready to learn, grow, and quickly conquer obstacles, put in your application before the end of the month.

I’m especially grateful to the sponsors and boosters who make this a free event. Please give your thanks to these companies for their contributions to our community:

  • Oregon Angel Fund, investing $7M this year in promising companies
  • PIE, mentioned plenty above
  • Portland Seed Fund, a non-resident accelerator that helps companies grow
  • Puppet Labs, who is hiring and moving into another new office
  • SendGrid (my employer), who simplifies email delivery

There will be another Demolicious in a few months. I want it to be representative of the amazing things happening in Portland. Let me know how we can accomplish that together: who should present, how should it be improved, who should be involved?


  1. Thanks as always for continuing to organize, manage, and champion this event. I remain a huge fan. Demolicious has consistently provided a great venue for both finding awesome new Portland startups and giving existing startups a place to reveal new features to a wider audience.

    Long story short, you’re providing an incredible service for our community. Please count PIE in as a sponsor for the rest of 2014.

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